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Rhubarb and Rosehip Sour



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It’s summer time, so that must mean, yep you guessed it – it’s Rhubarb season! Stewing away with plenty of sugar, we’re positively pining for those pies, crumbles and jams so tart that they make your face do that funny sideways motion whenever we take a bite. Our resident sour beer wizard Lally needs no introduction, and when we made the same face at him he knew exactly what we meant – getting his thinking cap on and bringing yet another entry into our sour beer cannon; now arguably the most underrated part of our brewery. Charging the beer with a light addition of fresh rosehip for a little bit of turkish delight complexity, the result is Fondness – a sour beer that is full on spritzy, tart, sweet, and complex all at once. Bravo once again to our brew team for showing we can do more than just pale and hoppy!