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Through every iteration of our growth over the last demi-decade, one thing that has persisted throughout is this brewery’s love of hops, and how we’ve born an entire business that now looks after the livelihoods of fourteen team members from this love. The Hop Studio felt like a natural extension of this love – showcasing the single most complex, wonderfully diverse ingredient we use in our process bar none. First developed in 1974 and released in 1990, Centennial is one of the OG craft beer varieties that has stood the test of time against changing fashions and trends, and for good reason. Its dual versatility as a mega expressive aroma hop as well as a bittering hop lend to its lasting legacy, and as we round out 2023, it is fully back in vogue amongst the brewing community for the latest crop. Massively citrus forward in its flavour and aroma profiles, but with a consistent bitterness throughout, we could only have made use of this beer in a full-on, maxed out tribute to our brewing heroes The Kernel in a bold, brash single hop IPA.