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Blackberry Mead



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 The teasing pop of the cork announces the arrival of that thick jam smell and autumnal mornings. Memories of my Mam boiling thick blackberry tar, distilling it into the precious black jam. As it pours it shows its greater viscosity compared to its unflavoured siblings.

The first taste brings the extra sugars from the fruit warming the tongue and palette. The subtle acidity of the alcohol balances the added sweetness of the fruit. The second sip allows the flavour to open up and broaden. The flavours are delicate like a bearded axe fill your mouth a symphony of late summer sweetness.

Transported back to long evening in late summer, sitting in the woods having gorged myself on the brambles' gifts, wrapped in the warmth of the sun, my head filled with dreams of becoming that ranger, or bowman.

Some would call for pimms, others for prosecco but they would never understand the perfection of simplicity. The beauty of honey and fruit. This is a summer drink, lazy afternoons of heady sweetness, a light hearted drink with a wealth of flavour. And then like the Lord of the Rings, the Blackberry Mead struggles to end which is a good thing, it lingers on the tongue its flavours slowly dissipating, there at the end of all things, after many flavourful partings, the fruit is drawn back revealing our old friend, greeting us, the base mead comes flows through like the final wave from the horizon.